Bloggers Unidas #7

¡Bienvenidas  a nuestra fiesta de blogs! No olviden de enlazar sus blogs y proyectos como cada semana. Muchas gracias a las que siempre están apoyando y participando en Bloggers Unidas.

We personally want to thank three blog friends that have shown us their support since day one. One is Cathy from Vintage, Paint and More and she is absolutely amazing! I truly love everything she does!

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Another blog friend is The Scent of Oranges and she has super healthy recipes you’ll love! YUM!!
And another friend that has shown us their support since we began is The Seasoned Homemaker. You will find awesome projects and beautiful decorating tips!
The Seasoned Homemaker
Thank you guys!!!! You can go and visit them! Make sure you say hi and leave comments!

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